Beginning Family History

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The series of videos below is designed for Family History Beginners. These videos are sure to help the new Family Historian get started.


Video 1 - Getting Started - It Starts With You


It can be hard to know where to start building your family tree. This video is for the beginner just starting out.



Video 2 - Existing Documents


Most families have a range of existing documents in the home which can help the budding family historian. This video helps you identify the types of document to look for.




Video 3 - Sources of Other Documents


This video explores some of the types of important documents and where they may be held.



Video 4 - Births, Deaths and Marriages


This video focuses on Civil Registration, or Births, Deaths and Marriages. It looks at a how these documents can aid the family history researcher and how they can start to tell the stories of some of your ancestors.



Video 5 - Recording Your Family History


After a short while, you will accumulate a lot af data about your family and ancestors. This video gives some advice on how to record that information.



Video 6 - Shipping Records


Shipping Records are an invaluable source of information for the family historian. This video examines how shipping records might be used to help trace your family tree.